#SkeemSaam John Maputla to pay for his sins

indafrica December 31, 2021
Updated 2021/12/31 at 6:23 AM

John hasn’t mastered anything later nearly spending Christmas alone? Ayeye John has the eyes for Melita. You might have perceived how he was taking a gander at her.

Clearly he was staring off into space. Is equipped for crushing all turf women. Ntate Maputla is gone shem. He is now wandering off in fantasy land and fantasizing. He was focusing from her chest to the mouth. You can see that his thinking about his things that may not occur.

John Maputla doesn’t sit around, presently his sbwling Melita. He didn’t set aside effort to eliminate Meikie from his heart. Not John Maputla denoting Meikie’s first end of the week in jail with “Hello large head” composed all around his face and slobber at the edges of his mouth.

I figure we may have tracked down somebody to warm John’s bed since Meikie is in prison. I see John’s face later he saw her.

We should nit fail to remember that there’s MaNtuli and many think that sje will be the one to top off Meikie’s seat. Truth is they never dated, it was a casual hookup for MaNtuli and John Maputla.

Julie isn’t his sort. The ladies he goes for (Mary, Meiki, Charity) have acumen (what MaNtuli needs), sort of ladies who buckle down for their cash and not anticipate that a man should “satisfy” their monetary dreams (like bo MaNtuli).

Ntate Maputla ought not doing something enjoyable as well as profitable. Since he will likewise lose considerations at the grocery store and some others of his business may endure on the grounds that his bit center around Melita.

Meikie’s home has become Parkstation, everybody is coming in and out, the Seakamelas even had Christmas there. Leeto should return.

This isn’t it. Simply check out the present episode, there does Nandi and Sifiso going to express gratitude toward Maputla.

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