#Generations: Sphe causes big problems for the Morokas

The Morokas perfect makoti has disappointed their inlaws big time after blackmailing them for the kidney of Tamryn, we’re Kabisi got the kidney illegall and tries to hide it from the police during the investigation, and now the pressure is mounting for the Morokas because they made a deal with Sphe and now she is seeking for what they promised her.

The current situation at the family is tense because the Celes are desperate to get this deal so that they can pay their bill because they are also struggling financially, and they are looking to make a new partnership with the Morokas which might end in tears for them again.

After trying to blackmail them the Morokas we’re left with no choice but to agree to this deal which will great more jobs in the KZN.

But will the Celes be serious this time because they have wasted more money on the first project?

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