Mantwa from Muvhango Morwesi Theledi explains how she ended up spending 6 years in prison

indafrica January 1, 2022
Updated 2022/01/01 at 4:48 PM

Did you had any idea that the one who plays Mantwa on Muvhango is an ex-convict? She goes by Morwesi Theledi, and she is 38 years of age. Morwesi was baited into a dull bank-ransacking organization by shrewd customary clients. They would get her gifts and pay her obligations.

She worked at the bank around then in Dube it was 2008. Morwesi says they gave her cash and said they were tipping her for an all around good taken care of business.

“The adoration for cash attracted me nearer to these folks. They used to give me tips and used to pay my obligations. Much to My dismay that this was a criminal organization.”

She was a fruitful senior boss at just 34 years of age. She referenced how she said no right away except for reevaluated in the wake of concluding that she had taken such countless gifts from the clients, They needed her to post 3,000,000 Rands into a fake record.

She says her dangers immediately halted her dissent assuming she would not do what they said. “Their last danger was in December 2009 when the two people were remaining external my yard portraying what my child was wearing.

They said assuming I don’t make the exchange, it will be the last time I see my child.” Forced by conditions, she consented to do what she was told to do.

She says she went into the framework and moved R2.7million and kept R300,000. “Following 60 minutes, I chose to hinder the record by expanding the sum to R27 million. At the point when the organization realized this, they alarmed the police. This was the greatest slip-up of my life.”

She was condemned to 10 years in 2012. Mantwa went through a preliminary for a very long time while secured at Moder police headquarters. While kept there, she joined the Gauteng Department of Community Safety’s restoration program got down on Get and Stay Out (GOSO) for short.

She turned into the MEC ‘s representative for this program. Morwesi went gaga for acting while in prison. She was in there for quite some time. One of her kids was conceived while she was in jail.

She began showing up on our screens as it was uncovered that James mother, Kedibone abducted Tenda and Mphos child Kenosi. Mantwa, played perfectly by Morwesi, is James insane cousin and associate to this wrongdoing.

Morwesi is likewise a persuasive orator. She made great out of an awful circumstance.

Source: Savannah news

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