Nontle from Generations is beautiful, and she is older: check her age

indafrica January 1, 2022
Updated 2022/01/01 at 8:01 AM

She goes by Buntu Petse, but most people know her by her character name Nontle Majola on one of the most loved drama generations the legacy.

She plays a character of an 18-years-old who will fight anyone for what she believes in and just like any other teenager she makes her mistakes she is Tau and Ayanda’s daughter.

The is no doubt that Bantu is a beautiful woman and her natural hair makes her stand out and can you believe that she is 24 years old she is not just beautiful, but she has an honors degree in dramatic arts.

Bantu is talented and good at her acting career to think that generations is her first tv job, She revealed that playing Nontle, a character younger than her age has imparted real-life lessons.

I am sure it is not easy for her to play a character of a teenager when she has already passed that stage.

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