Seven family members murdered same time

indafrica January 1, 2022
Updated 2022/01/01 at 11:46 AM

While Christmas day was a day for many families to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company for this one family in Limpopo it was a day in hell.

It was reported early in the morning on Christmas day that a family member who happens to be a nurse woke up at midnight of Christmas morning and short all the family members in the house including four kids and a pregnant wife.

It was heartbreaking scenes everywhere as all the seven family members had to be buried at the same time.

What makes matters worse is that they had to repair it or New year’s Day which is another big holiday for many South African families.

Until now the motive behind the killings of the families have not been discovered and they are raised perpetrator handed themselves over to the police station and they have been in prison ever since Christmas Day.

This is one of the first times South Africa has seen such a crime happened because unusual day the criminal always turns the gun on himself but this time around the nurse did not do so.

Since this is a big problem and a very serious case in the country it was even broadcasted on sabc news.

It is my belief that the whole issue that caused this was a big families dispute that will never be revealed because such has now happened.

This nurse who murdered entire family was obviously the breadwinner in the family and the two brothers who lived with were unemployed. They could have been a big problem over rules of the house and that led to such an unfortunate event.

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