Coming up on House of Zwide…Nkosi in more trouble

Monday 3 January2022 Episode 121

After a humiliating night, Nkosi gets himself into some’car trouble’. Molefe’s heroic antics has Nomsa seeing him in a new light. After one last attempt at keeping her job, Mamphois seemingly out of HoZ for good.

Tuesday 4 January 2022 Episode 122

Nkosi returns tohis family who are worried that he might have a drug problem. Shoki has finally closed the Nkosi chapter in her life. Faith and Lazarus save the day as they find a quick solution to the Mampho mess up.

Wednesday 5 January 2022 Episode 123

Nkosi is haunted by nightmares. Mean while Molefe is thrilled when Dorothy invites him for lunch at the Zwide mansion. Nambitha decides to come clean about ruining Ona’s dress.

Thursday 6January2022 Episode 124

Faithis unsettled as Funani pushes for Nkosi to see a therapist. Ona acts to deal with Nambitha for sabotaging her dress. Molefe bounces back to ask Dorothy out for lunch.

Friday 7 January 2022 Episode 125

Nambitha’s fate is in Ona’s hands. Molefe still has hope of winning Dorothy, she has other ideas. Faith tries to distract Nkosi with work.

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