Uzalo| Sbu wins Hlelo back and Mamlambo is getting deeper on the drug business

Sbu is getting in the new year by getting a second chance from Hlelo who destroyed her music career bigtime, because of bluffing Sbu with another man which ended in tears for the because he was looking forward to having the good life that he has been dreaming in his life since he was serving Nkunzi.

But the guy is going all out this week to win Hlelo back and she will have no chance but to accept Sbu because she understands how important to have someone that loves you in your life, as she is taking care of you during difficult moments and protecting you from the bad guys.

Mamlambo is also getting deeper into the drug business where she is helping Khathide to sell drugs which might end in tears for her.

Things have been going bad for Mamlambo because she is starting to cause a lot of drama for herself, as she is getting afraid to tell Mondli about what is happening in her life and she has also been giving him problems at work.

The situation in Kwamashu is getting out of hand because Khathide is destroying the youth of this community by selling drugs. them.

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