Lasizwe blasts trolls after he wore a thong

A South African YouTuber and television presenter, Lasizwe was dragged this comes after she posted pictures of himself in a G-string.

Tweeps were saying that for him to wear a G-string is just outlandish and they won’t tolerate such.

Lasizwe is not the only entertainer to be dragged for wearing a G-string in public space, Uncle Waffles has also faced the backlash for wearing a G-string in public.

But Lasizwe is not going to let the trolls and critics get away with slandering his name like that.

Lasizwe called them crazy and went on to remind them that he will do whatever he wants with his body “So y’all are upset that I wore a Thong/G-String…Y’all are crazy! Kanti whose body is it?” He wrote.

Tweeps reacted to Lasizwe calling them crazy. Some tweeps were telling Lasizwe to understand what comes with fame.

“Your body but you decided to share it publicly so people will have different opinions” wrote a Twitter user. Some tweeps were defending Lasizwe “Tell them it’s your body you can do whatever you want” Wrote another Twitter user.
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