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Wednesday5 January 2022 Episode 973

It seems that babies are the snakes favourite snack. Zandile begs Bhululu (the snake) not to go for Mepho. Nirupa offers her support to maZulu and wants information about Menzi.

Thursday 6 January 2022 Episode 974

Nokuzola has to have an emergency c-section to save the baby’s life, but when it is born, the Bhengu’s learn that something is wrong. Zandile wants to stop the snake from hurting Nkululeko’s child, and redirects it against maZulu.

Friday7 January 2022 Episode 975

At the Rampersad house Vanya plants seeds of doubt in Shria’s head about Jason being the One. Thu Sheleni warns Vanya her games will end in tears.

Monday 10 January2022 Episode 976

Thu Sheleni isforced to be policeman and thwarts a game of musical bedsin the Rampersad house. Zandile continues to manipulate Nkululeko and gets him to agree to Mepho continuing to stay with Phunyuka.

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