Mzansi Accused Kwezi Of Being Undercover Cop who RET Lehasa Maphosa

indafrica January 5, 2022
Updated 2022/01/05 at 5:39 AM

Mzansi have accused Kwezi of being a undercover cop with her black forest cake. Mzans believes that she can’t appears from nowhere to support someone she doesn’t even know.

She’s just pretending infront of Mr Banda. Just to find out more about Mr Banda. Mr Banda wont know what has bitten him at the end of the day.

This girl just walks in Lehasa’s life and start being the master she chooses who! what! where! As if she knows what he is capable of.

Kwezi could have drank the champagne spiked with “Truth syrum”, then started talking there by the station that’s why Peterson had new evidence after coming from Kwezi’s scene.

She literally got a taste of her own medicine!! But the Cafe Rovouwa scenes today was like the Christmas sketch. She will regret her self one she doesn’t know Mr Banda.

I don’t understand khwezi at all what does she want really now she’s abusing sweet Uenice. This women will save Lehasa just to be in control of his wealth.

Mr Banda is going through a lot now hope by Kwezi’s help will make it not mentioning that l wish a was Letoo this January yohh that Zulu girl make me sleepless.

It seems like Lehasa has a many name. Lehasa said they came here with parents while he was a little boy does not remember much about Blantyre. Lot of people in skeem they will end up in prison.

Celia will share cell with Meikie Mapult. Lehasa he will be transferred to Polokwane and share cell with Alfred and Afios. From when Skeem Saam se le Scandal now? Gape la di busa.

Kwezi really matches Mr Banda, they all deserve jail, if you don’t put them behind bars ketla Turfloop ka maotho go tloga Pretoria.

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