#Muvhango: Susan to use muthi on Azwindini

indafrica January 6, 2022
Updated 2022/01/06 at 2:17 PM

Muvhango’s latest episode got viewers praising the writers. It seems like this week many secrets will be revealed and this month many will pay for their sins.

When you have a gun, you control everyone as they fear that going against your command may result in you blasting them, so was Vhutshilo causing havoc at his parents’ vows renewal ceremony.

Azwinndini’s first wife Susan, carries herself like those women in ancient times who were taught to stick with their husbands even when there are other women in the picture. Women who were taught to remain loyal to men who are not loyal.

Susan has suffered numerous heartbreaks in Azwinndini’s hands. She loves him but he keeps hurting her. Whenever he gets a chance, he play around with other women, he doesn’t even have a little respect for her.

Because of love, she keeps forgiving him hoping that he’ll one day choose her without any obstacle, but instead he keeps lusting on every woman he meets.

It’s time Susan accept that Azwinndini will always be Azwinndini and not some saint or a loving husband who’ll mind he has a wife when he does things.

She thought vows renewal meant a lot to her husband, little did she knew he was just coming back from Gugu’s place to feed his lustful cravings.

Susan is heartbroken, and in the next coming episodes she will be tempted to go the traditional route on Azwinndini in order to save her marriage. She’ll use Muti on him and the Muti will work but slowly. Keep watching Muvhango weekdays to witness it happen.

If your husband treats you like Azwinndini treats Susan would you even care to try means to save your marriage or you’d give up on him and look for someone who will value you? Would you forgive a husband who sleeps with your son’s girlfriend?

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