Bad News For Scandal Etv Actresses After This Happened To Them

indafrica January 7, 2022
Updated 2022/01/07 at 6:27 PM

The current storyline on Scandal Etv seems be exactly what fans signed up for. Over the past years of being on air it has managed to win the attention of viewers because of their content.

It continues to be one of the best soap operas in South Africa with over millions of viewers countrywide. It is their actors who are able to portray their characters in a good and pleasing way. They are the reasons why this cast continues to be one of the best. It has many talented award winning actors who are said to be the best in the industry.

This month things seem to be on another level as they are serving a hot content that makes one not to miss watching their episodes. It has ended in tears for Lindiwe Maseko acted by Mvelo Makhaya after she had an affair with Mdala who is Nhlamulo’s biggest enemy.

He approached her in a polite way and made her to believe that he has good interests for her by giving her a job at his business, less she knew that it was just an act. He wanted to use her to hurt Nhlamulo for betraying him when he sold him to the police for card scamming.

Her husband has found out about the affair and things are already heating up on her marriage. Her marriage is falling apart to an extent that they might end up devorcing.

On the other side Mbali just had her second miscarriage and her world was left shattered. Last week she lost her second baby after feeling some pains that seemed to be nothing but later became so bad.

It has left her world shattered because she had hopes of seeing herself being a mother one day. Losing her baby made her to feel less of a woman because she keeps losing her children.

As if losing her baby is not enough, she has just been informed that it’s the end of the road for her. She will never be able to carry a baby for full term.

Her Fertility status was confirmed by the doctor. She is going to try to convince her sister to be her surrogate but it will end in tears.

This events on these actors left Mzansi in tears because such is happening in real life. Share your views and follow for more news.

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