Actress Lillian Dube Reveals Shocking News To Mzansi

indafrica January 8, 2022
Updated 2022/01/08 at 10:16 AM

Source: Moshe Ndiki Instagram page
Moshe Ndiki has exposed Mam Lilian Dube after she demanded fans to greet her. Apparently The media personality and social media influencer Moshe Ndiki went out for lunch with Lilian Dube.

Lillian Dube were suprised that all.people that passes by they greet Moshe and not her. She was suprised why because they are all famous and Moshe revealed that it’s because henis famous than her.

With caption: “Out for lunch with @Lilian. Dube and she’s jealous cause everyone keeps greeting me and wants to takes pictures with me and not her. I love you so much mama was, thank you for your love, your truth and just you. But ke bazobulisa mma. ” he wrote.

Lillian Dube is a South African actress. She is perhaps best known for portraying Masebobe in the soap opera Generations. She recently left mzansi with tears when she said she was born before Moshe. Moshe was born while she was a celebrity.

Lillian Dube was jealous because people were not recognizing but have to spot Moshe easily.

sheis write when she said she become famous before Moshe was born. Lillian Dube She started her acting career in the 1980s and has been winning the hearts of her fans and viewers in national television because of her many characters such as from being comedia to serious delivery of the message.

Lillian Dube is a South African actress born in 1945 which placed her at the age of 76 years. At her age she’s still acting and doing great in the entertainment industry.

Lillian Dube is one of richest actress who recently revealed they she always in tv advertising Clientele life policies.

She made fun of it that mzansi could not hold their breath but to send their love to her. Lillian Dube has been in the industry for decade now.

Kindly send your love if you love her.
Don’t forget to watch interesting and funny video of her and Moshe here:

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