#HOZ: How Funani will find out Ona is his child

indafrica January 12, 2022
Updated 2022/01/12 at 6:02 AM

The house of Zwide story has gone on for too long without us finding out what happened the night Ona’s mother died. Things have gotten intense and too close to the truth but we were left hanging.

It seems like the time has finally come for Funani to really question what happened the night his daughter died.

Funani had forgotten all about those things but with Nkosi having flashbacks, things are about to get really tricky.

We have discovered that Nkosi is Ona’s brother and he was around the house on the night that his father and mother were fighting.

Faith is trying to cover her tracks by saying that Nkosi will be fine and that he does not need to talk to anyone, but Funani is troubled.

Funani is getting closer to the truth out his long lost daughter. No one can stop him if he goes to a Sangoma. How will faith cover her tracks?? Please drop your comments below, like and share.


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