List of Mzansi Celebs who were once drug addicts

indafrica January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 6:03 AM

Over the last year or two, a number of South African celebrities have opened up about their sober journeys.

And, while many of the celebrities who have spoken out about their addictions would like to put that chapter of their lives behind them, we want to honor them for being an inspiration to South Africans.

These celebrities are great inspirations to all of us, from Trevor Gumbi, who overcame drug and alcohol addiction, to Nina Hastie, who has lately come up about her addictions.The following are nine of the most inspiring celebrities who have overcome addiction.

1. Trevor Gumbi

Trevor Gumbi has a lengthy and stormy history with his addiction.
The comedian has always been forthright about his struggle to sobriety and putting drugs behind him.

But it was when he revealed that he wanted to give up booze that many of us were taken aback.

2. Mobi Dixon

Mabi Ntuli, 32, has a narrative that is quite inspiring. The DJ and dance music producer Mobi Dixon, better known by his stage name, overcame his addiction in 2011.

The musician behind the famous single City Rains has spoken out about how his addiction nearly cost him his career in music.

The celebrity is now sober and smashing dancefloors across Mzansi, thanks to rehab.

3. Hugh Masekela

Bramwell Tovey, a legendary jazz musician, Hugh Masekela shook the country in the late 1990s and early 2000s when he opened up about his drug and alcohol addiction.

Bra, who had been an addict for a long time, was finally able to get help. Hugh informed the media in 2001 that he had no choice but to quit since he realized addiction had become a “respectable lifestyle” in Mzansi.

The late celebrity overcame his addiction and went on to launch a rehab center, where he assisted other celebrities in quitting drugs and alcohol.

4. DJ Sox

Another surprise was the discovery that DJ Sox was once a drug addict.
Mbuso Sokhela, the DJ and producer’s real name, opened up to Move Magazine about his recovery journey in 2015.

He told the publication at the time that he was in his fourth year of sobriety.

The superstar DJ went on to rekindle those connections that he had lost due to his drug usage, as well as raise awareness about the risks of drug abuse.

5. Nina Hastie

Nina Hastie, a popular South African comedian who later became a television and radio broadcaster, has a wonderful story.

Nina has struggled with drug and alcohol misuse, as well as mental health issues, in addition to the emotional wounds of being raped at a young age.

This powerful powerhouse of a woman has now triumphed over all of that and is freely speaking out to encourage young ladies in similar situations.

6. Ricky Riky

Rappers that are perpetually high on something are well-known in the hip-hop business.
So we aren’t surprised when a rapper confesses to being a drug addict.

But, while we praise these rappers for their fantastic albums and fire performance after performance, we sometimes forget that behind all of that is a person who is hurting.

Riky Rick appeared on the Vuzu reality show I Am in 2015 to talk about his drug addiction and how he overcame it.

Riky admitted that it was difficult for individuals in his position to talk about addiction, but he did so in the hopes of inspiring someone who was watching.

7. Kelly Khumalo

Kelly Khumalo has been in the public eye for almost 18 years. It’s easy to forget how the singer and songwriter overcame drug addiction to become one of the most popular performers of our day because she’s been through so much in the media.

In 2016, she sat down for an exclusive interview with Sizwe Dhlomo titled Behind the Story: Kelly Khumalo.

Kelly talked about her drug addiction for the first time on the show, including admitting to getting high at church.

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