Muvhango: Angel of Justice gets unmasked, see who the person is

indafrica January 13, 2022
Updated 2022/01/13 at 1:20 PM

There has been drama after drama at the royal house . The moment we all thought was bringing excitement to our faces just faded away just like that in our faces.

Azwindini was suppose to have reviewed his vows with Susan. On the day of their reunion, Azwindinis son showed up at their wedding with a gun telling his father how shameless he was after he had caught his father and Gugu in bed. The wedding didn’t go ahead and for that Tenda got arrested on the very same day .

Tenda and Moiponi had agreed that kenosi will be with Tenda and Mpho but she changed her mind and got him arrested. A day after he was released, he got kidnapped by unknown person .

Till today , Tenda is still kidnapped by “Angel of justice and everyone is stretching their heads trying to think who that person might be . Tenda has hurt so many people and at this moment it is is very tricky to find the person who could have wanted him pay for his sins .

There has been few names that came up and the Viewers believes that it is James who is behind all this . James has dealt with Tenda on a few contracts and he knows other people he have hurt in the process .

The evidence this angel of justice is pouting out shows that their person is someone who knows him and his sins . That can only be James .
On the Other hand Bafuwi is determined to divorce Susan so that he can Marry the love of his life Gugu.

I for Susan teared up the divorce papers that she was being served with yesterday saying that Her beloved husband must pay her for all the pain he have caused for her .

She continued to say that she also want the child she lost because of his foolishness when comes to controlling his pants.

Do you think Susan will finally give in and give him the divorce? Please comment below .

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  • Suzan should just divorce the guy mahn arhg.he ruined her life it’s enough,yoh.and azwindini deserves poison m telling,I’d kill him,Al just agree to devorce n make dinner and put poison in it,ai he’s annoying man

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