How all Faith’s secrets will be out and she will be dumped

indafrica January 14, 2022
Updated 2022/01/14 at 6:05 AM

Faith Zwide is married to Funani as a second wife, since his wife died on fire with a little girl called Zobuhle. When Funani’s wife died she Faith was in love with Isaac Molapo.

Funani and his family were very happy focusing in building the House of Zwide legacy by branding clothes and sell them abroad. One day Funani will be dated and Faith from Tembisa location, that is when she stuck her nails on the Funani’s life.

They end up getting married after he lost her wife on fire. On the other hand side Isaac raised Zobuhle as his own and name her as Onalerona.

The problem is that started with a when Nkosi was haunted by nightmares at night remembering how his mother and his sister had died. He cant sleep whenever he close his eyes the nightmares come fresh as yesterday.

Faith convinced Nkosi to forget about the past and his concentrate to the fire and the Zwide of legacy, that is how you gonna be healed.

Remember it was Faith who killed Funani’s wife by fire because she was jealous of the life he was living with his family. She wanted to be the part of his wealthy. She was in love with Isaac Molapo who is now a husband to Rea now. Isaac was able to save Onalerona from flames of fire and raised her as his own.

When her mother in law told Faith that Ona is Funani’s daughter, she became restless. He planned to be a eliminated her by strangling her to death so the truth won’t come out.
Funani told his son that he needs to see tharapist to help him with his nightmares.

Whenever Funani mentioned that Nkosi his son need to see therapist, his wife Faith become aggressive, because she knew that the truth will come out about Onalerona ‘s identity. She even developed hatred to Ona because she knew that she is Funani’s daughter and no one knew except her and Isaac.

When she realized that the nightmares was are serious about Faith messaged her Isaac and told him that they have a problem. Isaac asked Faith that how do you sleep at night if you have a cold heart like this.

Let’s hope she is not planning to kill Nkosi because he does not listen to her by focusing to the future and forget the past.

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