Skeem Saam: Lehasa to dump Khwezi

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Lehasa has had his fair share of bad lucks with women. He seems to mistreat the good ones but love the dangerous. Most like Lelo, Khwezi is not the most sane.

Mzansi thought Lehasa’s worst punishment would be going to jail but it seems like his life is in much danger now that he is out of jail. We wonder is Khwezi is mentally stable.

Kidnapping Pretty showed us that Khwezi is very dangerous and will do anything to be with Lehasa. Does Lehasa even love Khwezi that much to the point where she has a big role in his life.

From my point of view, Khwezi is forcing this relationship.

She is trying to prove that she and Lehasa are compatible but the wrong way. She is capable of doing anything to anyone even Lehasa.

If Lehasa dumps her, she will not think twice before hurting him. This relationship will definitely end in tears.


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