More reasons and questions for MaMlambo’s Uzalo exit revealed

indafrica January 15, 2022
Updated 2022/01/15 at 6:00 AM

Gugu Gumede who plays a character of Mamlambo on SABC 1 show uzalo, has been there since the show started. She is now that we call daughter of the soil, we’ve grown to love her as a person and as a character.

The time we spent with her it’s unforgettable and it will take time to adjust in being without her in our screen.

Gugu has lost her mother later last year, and she promised to take forward her legacy. From there there’s been a rumors that she will leave uzalo and go to continue with her mother’s legacy which is NFP. She told them to always count on her if they need anything.

To tell you the truth no one saw this coming, we all taught she had abondoned the idea of leaving uzalo.

But as it is now viewers are very concerned about the fact that Mamlambo has to leave, although it’s not clear that is leaving uzalo for good or not. Nothing has been said as it now.

Is it that we will see Mamlambo next on the political matters or what? The big question we have to ask is that is mamlambo leaving uzalo?

We had known Mamlambo from being prophet to be Nkunzi’s wife in a polygamy. From there she’s been facing problems and solve them without getting tired. We can even say that she is playing a lead role on uzalo.

I think Mamlambo need sometime off to fix some things and she will come back to meet us again. She cannot leave uzalo just like that, they would have told us if she’s leaving for good.

She has grow to be our lovely character if there’s any changes they have to make it part of us to bid her a good bye as we all love her.

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