Its D-Day Nkosi remembers everything now… Faith in Trouble

indafrica January 16, 2022
Updated 2022/01/16 at 6:28 AM

Funani and his wife were waiting upstairs the therapist to start her session with their son Nkosi. Their son had experienced problems with in his life for quite some time .

That leaded him not to find peace, sleep etc. His parents expecial his dad was more supportive than her wife. Faith failed to wait she decided to go down the stairs where the therapist had to conduct her work with Nkosi and to help him using different methods of tools.

When Faith was there with the therapist she insisted that she may not hurt his son. Remember therapist are well qualified know that how to help and discuss any problems that might contributed to our daily lives.

The therapist promised her that since she was learned for so many years and qualified to be what she is today so there is no such to hurt anyone but to help people to unpacked the things that happened and remember what hold them back in life.

The session began between the two Nkosi and the therapist She asked him what really happened the day of fire.

Nkosi told her he heard a lot of noise, that was when their parents were arguing with each other. Remember he was still a little boy but he managed to see his parents fighting that night.

He walk away from nearer and sudden the house was on flames. He did feel the heat that’s forced him to walk out of bed. Remember that there was her little sister Zobuhle and in that house.

When he was trying to think what was happening, he saw a man came in the house which was already started to catch the flames. That man took the baby and run out of the house that was on fire with her in his hands.

Funani’s wife died on fire and they thought little girl also died while she didn’t. She was saved in the by the grace of God.

Hope that the hypnotised that the therapist will be able to help Nkosi to unpack everything that troubled him. The dreams, the nightmares also the vision that was profesided by Funani’s mother and that Onalerona is the child of him.

Remember that she even called Ona before she died sothat she can see the her inner palms of her hands. That is when their relationship with Faith started to be ruined and sour which led her to be strangled because she had to tell Funani about it.

I wonder what will happen when Nkosi successful unpack and the therapist start assist him to do DNA test which will prove that they are sharing the same father and blood.

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