WATCH: Nigerian man offers Uncle Waffles half a million for s.ex

indafrica January 18, 2022
Updated 2022/01/18 at 8:32 AM

As pop queen Beyonce sang ‘Pretty hurts!’ Being beautiful and sexy and young at the same time is surely every woman’s dream but those that have it don’t like the attention that comes along with it.

For 21-year-old DJ Uncle Waffles its a blessing and a curse as rich men feel they can throw away money towards her and smash.

It is reported that the fast rising star was offered R500 000 by a rich Nigerian man in exchange of one night of s.ex.

This according to the latest episode of Podcast And Chill with MacG. Ghost lady revealed that a Nigerian man had offered her that much just to make him cum.

Strong and firm on her values Uncle Waffles declined the offer.

“She declined the offer,” said Ghostie.

The young star has been making waves with her unique way of DJying which has made her an easy target of trolls. None of that has moved her as she continues with her moves.

Over the festive season she had back to back gigs including international ones in London.


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