See how Bhululu will die & Kill all Zandile’s family members

indafrica January 19, 2022
Updated 2022/01/19 at 4:11 PM

The end of Bhululu is finally here but more deaths are following as well.

The Bhengu family sangoma will cast out the curse that has possesed Nkululeko. Bhululu will finally leave but will not leave alone.

On Thursday the curse will be reversed and Nkululeko. Bhululu will go on a killing Spree killing all memberd of of Zandile’s family.

Zandile will then leave, and Nkululeko wants nothing to do with her.

Wednesday19 January 2022 Episode 983

TheBhengu’s gatherto prayforthe baby, and Nkululeko arrives todonatehisblood.

Thursday 20 January2022 Episode 984

Zithulele finds out it was the father’s blood that helpedhisNewborn daughter. Arethey referring to him as the “father”?

Friday21January 2022 Episode 985

Thespell isreversedand Zandileis distraught when she learns thather family died. Nkululeko isdone withZandile. Zithulele arriveshome withhis new family.

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