WATCH: Actress Buhle Samuels doing hot dance video

Nothing short of raunchy and hotness when it comes to the ever beautiful and s3xy actress Buhle Samuels.

The actress who is known for keeping men drolling over her well built body has once again turned necks with a hot Instagram reel and picture.

She potsed on picture of herself in a white dress with the caption ‘obsessed about myself’.

In recent times the actress made headlines after she was allegedly booted from played the role of Zandile on Imbewu and was replaced by actress Angela Sithole.

She however disputed those allegations saying she was the one who rejected the role as she was fighting typecasting.

She said that she was tired of always playing the role of a gold digger. The storyline didn’t appeal to her.

She also poured water on claims that she was a diva and was hard to work with. Saying people should ask producers or co-actors she has worked with in the past before making such accusations.

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