EXPOSED: The Relationship Of Ayanda Ncwane And Desmond Dube

indafrica January 27, 2022
Updated 2022/01/27 at 6:44 AM

Ayanda Ncwane and Desmond Dube are always on our TV screens, we know them from being on the TV ads of insurance company Clientele.

To question the type of relationship they have one can say its a healthy one and more of a professional one.

Ayanda Ncwane the widow of the late Sifiso Ncwane has been on every Clientele life cover adverts. she may have joined Desmond Dube and Lilian Dube on being ambassadors for Clientele.

The relationship they have is more than co-workers but friends who work for the same company and do adverts together.

These people are good ambassadors of clientele life and she should only be looked at ambassadors nothing more nothing less. You can see the love of their jobs by just watching them on TV.

In conclusion the comedian Desmond Dube and Ayanda Ncwane are just friends and co-wokers who work for Clientele. They should continue being friends and work together

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