Lady who was caught cheating infront of new born baby committs Suicide

indafrica January 28, 2022
Updated 2022/01/28 at 10:45 AM

Remember the video of the lady who was caught cheating on her husband with another man in his own house .Well it looks like it has ended in tears for the lady .

She has allegedly committed suicide .The reason why she killed herself is said to be because she was embrassed after the video went viral on social media .

The husband caught her red handed on his bed with another man and the man was naked.So there was no way to deny anything .The husband and his friend’s shot a video and shared it online and after it went viral .

This is very sad to hear and i believe it shouldn’t have ended like this .But also what was she thinking bringing another man into his husband’s home .Even doing her things in front of the kid.

Whats so sad is that this couple got married not so long ago in a beautiful white ceremony .The husband even paid lobola for the lady and then she went and did this and then killed herself.See below.

Hopefully this is a lesson to everyone out there .Never touch someone else wife or husband .It will never end well for you .Also to the married people who are busy cheating take this as a lesson too .

This incident is proof of how messed up this current generation is .Being given everything as a woman a beautiful wedding, a providing husband and then you go bring another man into your bed .

That is really messed up .Some people dont even feel sorry that she conmitted suicide .They think she deserved it .

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