How Funani will find Ona is his daughter

indafrica January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 1:33 PM

Onalerona she is the lost daughter of Funani Zwide who got abducted 20 years ago after her father’s girlfriend got jealous and decided to take the life of Ona’s mother .

At the moment, no one knows anything about what happened on the day the house got burned but Funani is busy with the investigations after Nkosi started to have flash backs on the fire incident.

At the moment, the detective who had handled the case 29 years back was summoned by Funani to try get someone answers, unfortunately he denied everything saying that the report was what he had saw .

Faith who is the step mother to Nkosi tried all she can to stop Funani from finding out the truth about what she did , she fortunately managed to get rid of the therapist with the help if Isaac Molapo who happened to be her ex lover . But now they have a problem again . The detective wants more money in order to keep his mouth shut .

The detective made it clear that he has got nothing to loose now that his wife is dead . Yesterday , he went to House of Zwide and demanded to see Funani saying that he was not going anywhere until he sees funani.

This happened after faith refused to give him the R1 million rand that he was demanding. Faith immediately stepped in to try talk to him. I guess it was her lucky day as funani was out to a meeting .


Funani May have act though this whole situation about her daughter doesn’t affect him but he is busy with the investigations underground.

He is only trying to make everyone he thinks got something to do with His daughter disappearance in order to investigate more without having any disturbance .

How Ona will be found :

Funani will think back to what his mother told him about Ona, then he will have to think deeply before taking any steps forward.

What I think he might do will be for him to take Ona’s DNA test and confirm whether they are related or not , he will do all this alone , after that, he will then reveal everything to Ona as well as faith .

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