#Scandal! How Nhlamulo will destroy Mdala

indafrica January 29, 2022
Updated 2022/01/29 at 5:42 AM

We love how Nhlamulo risked everything just to get married to Lindiwe because he loved her. He betrayed his friend and now things have changed.

Mdala found out that Nhlamulo betrayed him and his plan was to make him pay. Mdala used Lindiwe to try and get Nhlamulo back in doing illegal business but things did not work out.

Nhlamulo realised that Mdala has gone as far as sleeping with Lindiwe and he wants to fight fire with fire.

Nhlamulo is not willing to let Mdala win without a fight. Even though Lindiwe broke his heart, he is still willing to fight to their marriage.

Nhlamulo will use his brains to outsmart Mdala, sure not to get caught.

Nhlamulo made sure that Mdala’s heist was not successful. He tipped the security guards off and things ended bad.

He will surely use his skills to outsmart Mdala, and Mdala will not know that he did it

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