#Skeem Saam: Principal Thobakgale sent to jail

indafrica January 30, 2022
Updated 2022/01/30 at 6:15 AM

Skeem Saam Is one of the most-watched television shows in South Africa. Millions of people tune in each day to observe the show. It has devotees who wouldn’t miss a day without watching this show.

It appears as though our own special head of Turf high will be in a difficult situation. Head Thobakgale named, also going through the name Jacobeth is the principal at Turf secondary school and a very strict mother as she doesn’t take rubbish.

She takes place to be Elizabeth’s mother, who’s a clinical Doctor at Turf Hospital, She is really right at her job.

Head Thobakgale will discover herself in a troubling situation to be able to land her in jail. It’s not clear but why she will end up in jail, however from the looks of things, it will likely be over a crime she didn’t commit.

Stay tuned in and watch this drama unfold.


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