Why AKA is hiding Nadia Nakai?

indafrica February 2, 2022
Updated 2022/02/02 at 4:47 PM

Nadia Nakai has always had a vibrant social media presence, which is partly how she made herself a darling to her fans. But her online activity seems to be reducing by the day. As she recently announced that she was taking a break, she left fans wondering whether AKA has a hand in the decision.

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Following Bragga on Twitter used to mean regularly getting treated to saucy snaps and random thoughts, but of late, it’s just crickets. Fans started noticing, and one came to lament the sad situation, saying they had missed her.

The fans then speculated among themselves where she could be, and one suggested that perhaps she has gone on a hiatus. Bragga herself came forth to confirm – she is indeed taking a break to “live real life”.

As you can probably guess, tweeps immediately began to look for the deeper meaning behind her announcement, especially since she did not offer a “valid” reason for leaving the socials. And it wasn’t long before fingers were pointed at her alleged boyfriend, fellow rapper AKA.

Although the two just won’t come out and admit it officially, Mzansi has been convinced that they are in a relationship. It was recently reported, though, that AKA is the reason the two rappers are yet to go public with their relationship.

According to reports from celebrity gossip page Maphepha Ndaba on Instagram, Nadia is very much in love with him and ready to take their relationship to the next level – going public. But Kiernan is still hesitant to make the announcement, since it has not been that long since he lost his fiancee Nellie Tembe, and the public is yet to forget that.

Social media users are convinced that AKA is the reason Nadia is inactive online. They believe that she is so in love that she just wants to be present with AKA in their relationship. And we have to say, there are certainly worse reasons to take a social media hiatus.

This is one of the most beautiful reasons, and we sure hope it is the truth.

Nadia’s ex boyfriend, American rapper Vic Mensa, was recently allegedly arrested for drug possession.

As Mzansi waited with bated breath for her to speak up about it, we were treated to golden silence, as she completely ignored the whole situation.

It seems like things didn’t end on the best note with Vic, as he suddenly posted another woman looking cosy with him , when all along Mzansi thought he was with Nadia. But we love to see that she has moved on beautifully, and is in a relationship so happy that it is allegedly keeping her in the moment. -ZAlebs

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