Pearl Modiadie tired of being Single

indafrica February 4, 2022
Updated 2022/02/04 at 8:56 AM

Ever since Pearl Modiadie and her baby daddy separated not too long ago, many speculated that she would be perched in someone else’s son in no time.

But that of course never came to be and we have had to witness her raise baby Lewatle on her own like the beautiful and independent queen that she is.

Taking to Twitter, a tweep took to asking whether people are just tired of being single, independent and their own back up plan.

And while many took to answering the question agreeing that they indeed are tired of doing it all on their own, Mzansi did not miss the former Zaziwa presenter’s response either.

This is not the first time Pearl is setting the internet ablaze with her love life. Was it not just the other day when she revealed her dating range that had all of Mzansi dropping their jaws in amusement?

She had revealed that she would only date men who are within the age of 36 and 52 and many were left to wonder, isn’t that too old for her?

Well, either way, we have to agree that this Valentine’s fever is catching on fast and Pearlie too thinks it’s time for her to find a special someone.

We are not sure how successful she will be this time, because everytime she has wanted to get back into the dating game, it seems it does not turn out so well for her.

In a retweet, mom Lewatle, answered saying, Aluta Continua, which translated means the struggle continues.

As you can already imagine, fans have decided to have a field day with her response, with many of them telling Pearl not to give them hope that they may have a shot with the media personality.

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