Uzalo: Sibonelo to burn down the church… people burn to ashes?

indafrica February 4, 2022
Updated 2022/02/04 at 8:46 AM

22 February 2022
Episode 252

Sibonelo burns down the church. Pastor Gwala is stuck in the church. Gabsile turns her back on Sibonelo.

23 February 2022
Episode 253

Angry Christians attacks Sibonelo. Nomzamo’s autopsy results are back. Finally, Babekazi leaves KwaMashu.

Nkunzi’s dream of having a perfect family is far from coming true, as his sons, Sibonelo and Sambulo continue to fight each other.

Nomzamo’s mysterious death caused a drft between the Mhlongo boys. Sibonelo is responsible for Nomzamo’s death and Sambulo is like dog with a bone, he is sniffing around trying to get to the bottom of Nomzamo’s sudden disappearance, much to Sibonelo’s dismay.

Sibonelo recently sent his thugs to beat his brother ih his house. This was a way of telling him to stop meddling in his business, because next time he might just pull the trigger on him. It looks like Sambulo is ready to do anything to jeopardize his brother.

A few days before the launch, Sibonelo’s parents will congratulate him on his distillery before the launch, telling him they are proud of him. Sibonelo’s mother is Gabsile and his father is Nkunzi Mhlongo.
Sibonelo was a qualified doctor, Dr Mhlongo., and he lost his doctorate license due to his criminal records.

As a result, he turned to illegal ways of making money until recently, when he started his distillery. Upon starting construction, he killed Nomzamo and buried her in the the presence of Nonka.

Gabsile may be many things but the only thing she will protect with her life, is the church. Sibonelo will burn down the church, KwaMashu Kingdom Church (KKC), while his brother , Sambulo will be stuck in the church and the church members will attack him for burning their church down. After burning the church down, Gabsile will disown Sibonelo for his crazy doing.

Should Sambulo just leave this fued with his brother before he dies from his heartless brother. May the best team win in the war between the two bulls. Who will win this war? Share your views and do not forget to comment, like and share.

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