How Mdala begins his plan to punish Lindiwe

indafrica February 7, 2022
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Lindi pays for the sins of her husband

It is no secret that love is a beautiful thing. It doesn’t only feature on many relationships as the foundation, but it also features as one of the the factors in marriage. Did Lindiwe and Nhlamulo rally get to enjoy their honeymoon phase to the full?

The couple has had so many ups and downs. Everything they have touched as a couple has ended in tears, literally.

Lindiwe is now in danger because of his husband’s decision to try and bring Mdala to his knees by getting Taps to swap speed points at Levels in order to enable him to do card scamming.

That doesn’t only stress the customers but aims to discredit Levels as an establishment. One cannot help but wonder what Mdala is going to do to Lindiwe since he cannot really to anything to Nhlaks.

Knowing how much Nhlaks loves his “mamas”, the easiest way to hurt him badly is to hurt Lindiwe. Will getting Lindi to pay for her husband’s actions bring Nhlaks to his knees or that will only be the beginning of war between “MaCoder” and Mdala?
Who do you blame for what Lindi is about to go through? Do you blame her or her husband?

Could this be the beginning of the end to Lindiwe and Nhlamulo’s love story?

There is no doubt that, the two have become one of our many loved on-screen couples and they have really dished out some real couple goals, but are we going to see the saying that “Good things also come to an end?” come to pass?

The wandering eyes of a lover find a sibling too hot to resist
From one tricky situation to another.

Since Lera moved into the Khubeka home, things have been going on a constant downward spiral between her and Dude. The beaut has had the opportunity to spend time with Zenzele and they once shared a kiss.

Lera is Bisexual, this literally gives her an opportunity to be looking elsewhere when Dudu is unavailable like she has has been lately. What is about to take place between Lera and Zen won’t come as a shock to many since they both seem a bit reckless and they don’t really think things through before they act.

Do you think Dudu will find out? Could this be the beginning of “Sibling rivalry” because of a lover?

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