See The person to destroy Mdala… Not Nhlaks

indafrica February 8, 2022
Updated 2022/02/08 at 4:06 PM

Despite his efforts to portray Thlogi as a dependable ally, he has no idea that Thlogi will ultimately bring him to his knees. Mdala has been ordered back to prison by Mzansi. But Lindiwe must be punished by both men before he can go to prison.

Nhlaks will have to abandon Lindi once he returns to prison. Akere she’s running a thuggish business, she can’t be all over Nhlaks.

How As much as I hate to see him go down, I have had it with hlaks long enough. Please, Scandal, put an end to this storyline so that we can witness the blossoming of love between Layla and Uncle Freddie. My favorite members of the Mdala crew are the boring Qubekas, who the state must build a strong case against.

In Mzansi’s view, Lindiwe should be left with nothing but shame when Nhlamulo finally sees how good Mary is and decides to marry her or find herself a good girl and send Mdala back to jail where he belongs.

#etvScandal To see Lindiwe’s pain, fans want to see what she’s been through. Lindiwe did the same thing after what Vuvu had done to that house, so if I were her, I’d do the same thing as well. Lindiwe is a naive fool for not realizing what Mdala is up to in the shadows. All of this was done to punish Nhlamulo.
However, Mdala may be a good actor in some situations because he can speak several languages fluently.

The time has finally come for Nhlamulo to shine, and I pray for him that he takes everything that belongs to Mdalo. He is Marothi’s fiancee, and she belongs there. The boring Qubekas are the ones the state needs to make a good case against, not the Mdala gang who brought life to the scandal.

Scandal’s entire storyline is in need of an overhaul, with the addition of bo and Freddie’s unnecessary lies, the Khubekas who are scattered all over the place, and Lera, who isn’t adding anything to the story.

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