Trouble in paradise for Babes Wodumo and Moampintsha?

indafrica February 8, 2022
Updated 2022/02/08 at 1:02 PM

Babes Wodumo and Mampintsha have been hit with nothing but drama ever since they got married and the latest one, is a bit shocking.

. Shimora’s fans had reason to believe that there is trouble brewing between them after he posted a pretty cryptic Facebook post
West Ink boss Mampintsha took to Facebook to reveal that he is looking for a new professional chef as he wants a change in his diet. It’s no secret that Mampintsha is trying to lead healthy lifestyle, but to hire a new chef when you are married, is a cause for concern for his fans.

Jumping to conclusions, his followers thought Babes Wodumo cannot cook and grew worried over the state of their marriage. As the saying goes, ‘a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.’.

Shimora painted the matter as a matter of urgency and even revealed the number to contact.
“I’m looking for a Chef. I want to change the way I eat but I want to be a Top Chef please it’s urgent,” Mampintsha pleaded.

Here are a few comments:
Zama Khumalo: “Haaibo guys point of correction, Mampintsha meant to say he wants a dietitian not top chef….English obviously is not our mothers tongue and English never loved us.”

Miranda Mahlase: “These comments are funny, so you guys are saying Babes cannot cook. I am sure she can but what Mampintsha meant to say was he needs to change his diet, as in only eat healthy food. Only the chef knows what kind of food that is.”
Mpuru Class: So which mean Babes Wodumo can’t cook neh…ok sorry Boss yam I feel your pain.”

Slindile MaNyambose Mthethwa: “See what marrying your type does. You are now going hungry.”
The couple has been marred with controversy especially after Babes and her mother in law got into it on social media. Who can forget the moment Babes attacked Makhadzi and accused her of sleeping with Mampintsha.

Babes in an IG live, cussed and dissed Mkhadzi saying she stinks and does not bath. She then urged her to go and cheat on Master KG with someone else and not her baby daddy.

Makhadzi went on a rant of her own and exposed Babes’ alleged toxic ways and it showed when she was in the same studio with Mampintsha and Makhadzi.

“I’m telling you, Babes Wodumo, that you never cared about what happened to your studio. I never told anyone about this except my boyfriend. I told him you were fighting for your boyfriend not to look at me, and that it’s something I cannot control.

I came to your studio to work, and wanted Mampintsha to put a verse. But when I arrived, you didn’t want me to record. Instead, you fought with Mampintsha in front of everyone. You told him you had discovered me before him. You told me your problems and right now, I’m not even going to disclose that information.

“You were acting up, pouring alcohol on computers and couldn’t even control yourself in front of visitors. I had to wait because I wanted to work. Your man, Mampintsha, was following me around and it is not my problem. Your man loves women and you must deal with him, not me,” said a very angry Makhadzi.

“I don’t know where he got my number from, and when he sends a text message I don’t even reply. But today you’re tarnishing my name. Please stop. I didn’t take your man and I don’t go around taking people’s boyfriends.

“You have problems with your man and you were beating him up in front of us. You fought with him for just looking at me. I kept this as a secret because I respect you, but since you are looking for attention you come up with an allegation that I’m sleeping with your man. I have my own boyfriend and I am not cheap like that. So please respect me. Don’t go around tarnishing my name.”

Like we said, their problems never cease to end as another woman claimed to be Mampintsha’s wife.

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