Muvhango actress Imani faces arrest

indafrica February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 9:39 AM

Muvhango is a South African television soap opera currently aired on SABC 2. It has been recorded as one of the longest series in the country with over twenty years of being on air.

The talented actors who are able to portray the characters are the reason why viewers are always blown.The soapie has managed to catch the attention of many viewers recently because of the current storyline of Tendamudzimu acted by Nathaniel Ramabuka, James acted by Dingaan Khumalo, Imani acted by Zonke Mchunu, Mantwa acted by Morwesi Theledi , Mpho acted by Azwindini Ramaphosa and Moipone acted by Mmabatho Mogomotsi .

Months ago Tenda killed his own nephew Hulisani by his hands and Moipone managed to witness the event and threatened to expose him. He immediately attacked her and brutally beaten her to an extent that she almost lost her life.

After being discharged from the hospital he though she lost her memory but less he knew that she bad plans for him. She later stole the the baby of Mpho and Tenda at the hospital. That left Mpho’s world shattered and heartbroken. This was Moipone’s way to revenge after everything that she went through. She knew that stealing the baby will hurt him more.

The baby landed in the hands of Imani and James as they thought it belonged to Mantwa. Mantwa was made a bad mother so that they could adopt the baby. Well all the adoption proceeding went well and they were close to changing the baby’s surname to theirs.

Things went badly after Mantwa exposed Moipone of stealing the baby. Now Imani is struggling to continue with what is happening and finding it hard to tell James the truth about the real parents of the baby. Things are on another level as the truth is going to be fully exposed.

Mpho Tendamudzimu will know the truth and decide to tell the police about what happened.

Imani and James will be arrested for stealing the baby and less people know that they are not the ones who stole the baby. It is Jame’s mother who stole the baby to revenge Tendamudzimu.

Both Imani and James will pay for the sins of Moipone. Make sure that you do not miss the drama this month. Share your views on the comment section and follow for more news.

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