#Scandal: Mukuna will destroy Mdala

indafrica February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 6:02 AM

While you’re here, please follow me.
Lindiwe has gotten herself in a hot mess and it’s Nhlamulo who’s expected to pick up the pieces and save her.

The worst part is that he warned her about associating with Mdala, but she thought he was trying to dim her light because his life isn’t as glamorous as hers!

A few minutes into strutting at Levels, she was influenced into leaving her marital bed and seeking comfort in Mdala’s arms. What she didn’t know is that it was all part of a plan to force Nhlamulo back into his old dealings. By combing Lindiwe in, mdala knew he’s hitting Nhlamulo where it hurts most.

Mdala was never interested in Lindiwe because she’s got something that his wife doesn’t. He was trying to spite Nhlamulo but in the process, he caught feelings and fell hard for MaLindz!

This was evident when Thapz broke the kidnapping news and Mdala looked genuinely concerned and threatened Mukuna saying, “Lindi better not get hurt!”

In trying to hit Nhlamulo where it hurts, Mukuna joined forces with Mdala but quickly went behind his back and kidnapped Mdala’s soulmate!

Mdala fell for another man’s wife so shamelessly. His wife is hurting but because he’s ruthless and selfish, he continues to manipulate her into ‘understanding’ that it’s necessary to get close to her to get to Nhlamulo. What he didn’t say is that he’s willing to die on the hill she dies on, and even save her!

I don’t feel sorry for Lindiwe, she will learn that not everyone is trying to sabotage her. Her husband has always loved her for being ambitious. He would never try and trip her!

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