New details on how Kuli Roberts died emerge

indafrica February 11, 2022
Updated 2022/02/11 at 10:06 AM

Kuli Roberts Died On Set Of A New Show| New Details Emerge

Kuli Roberts (Photo Credit: Twitter)
South African actress and media personality Kuli Robert is said to have collapsed and died while she was at work.

According to a close friend who spoke on condition of anonymity, Kuli Roberts was on set of her new show when she allegedly had a seizure and collapsed.

She arrived on set around 7pm, where they were filming with other artists. She collapsed.
Kuli Roberts is said to have died a few minutes later.

Another friend revealed that Kuli Roberts was prepping to do a radio crossover on Wednesday night just before 22:00 when she collapsed.
“She was relaxing with friends at a get-together and she just collapsed and never woke up,” she said.

Pertinent details around Kuli’s death, including the cause, have not been revealed.

Following the revelation, heartfelt condolences have been flooding in and people are still in disbelief that she passed on, hours after she tweeted her last tweet.

Meanwhile, a video of Kuli Roberts talking about how she wants to be remembered when she leaves Earth has since gone viral. In the video, she speaks of no desire to be remembered.

“I dont want to be remembered I want you guys to just look after each other I want you to look after people that ar down trotted on and still downtrodden on. I want you look after the poeple with albinism
I need you to look after the LGBTI community. I need you to look after black people. I need you to stop insuling black people…..” she said.

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