King Monada’s wife body shamed on social media

King Monada is a well-known South African musician and hit maker. He is also known for flaunting his expensive automobiles.

He has also managed to purchase a car for his mother and construct a mansion in his hometown. It’s safe to conclude he’s living large based on his social media posts.

Monada has children with a variety of women, some of whom he chooses to publicize, and it now appears that there may be others who aren’t. He was previously accused of being a polygamist who lived with two spouses. One of the wives had also gone, according to later reports.

Monada has never confirmed anything, but both women were seen on pictures he would post on his social media platforms.

Today he took to social media to show the world his wife. Monada is celebrating 10 years anniversary with his wife. In the message he wrote, he stated that he was hoping for more decades of them together.

People didn’t think he had been married for that long, and some even thought he had been hiding the wife.
Some commented to body shame her.

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