Why Pearl Thusi cancelled Valentine’s date with Mr Smeg

indafrica February 13, 2022
Updated 2022/02/13 at 6:11 AM

Despite a successful date with Mr Smeg , the much-talked-about valentines date has been swept under the carpet as Pearl Thusi changes goal posts last minute.

Mzansi was already counting down the days, but it seems as if we have to be patient enough to see another date between Pearl and Mr Smeg.
The Valentine’s date between Mr Smeg and Pearl Thusi has been cancelled. Pearl Thusi confirmed the news on her Twitter page.

The much-anticipated date between these two after their first date, which was so popular it was dubbed #thenationallunchdate. Pearl’s followers took to their social media to express their disappointment.

“So I’m travelling for work tomorrow for a week… how should I make it up to him ?🥺🥺🥺😔😔😔😔”

Pearl has become quite the Twitter sweetheart ever since she went out with Mr Smeg. A few days ago, Pearl said she had done really bad news on her Twitter page, and her followers suspected that the bad news had something to do with Valentine’s day date.

The first date had created so much hype for all the good reasons. Mr Smeg, also known as Micheal Bucwa, has built an excellent name for himself in the industry now just through that date. Yesterday he announced that he had received an official invitation to a Mercedes Benz C Class launch in Sandton.

Mr Smeg and Pearl Thusi both arrived in Mercedes Benz to the date. Mercedes Benz has become a regular feature on Smegs timeline ever since they sponsored the lunch date he had with Pearl.

“I have really bad news, guys, 😔😔. I won’t make it to Valentine date with Mr Smeg.”

Mr Smeg also asked if he could take Mercedes Benz to lunch in Germany, and they responded by saying “Anytime”.

Mr Smeg was invited for an interview on a SABC show, but he advised his followers that the interview had been cancelled because his manager felt he needed more practice presenting himself in the public eye.

Michael Bucwa took to his Twitter page to make people understand how much his life had changed and his being a celebrity is affecting him.
Mr Smeg also announced the cancellation of Valentine’s date on his Twitter page, and his followers have offered their support to him.

The fans have been so invested in this date that some claim they even cancelled their plans to watch the event again like the last date.

Pearl is currently planning a Twitter CBD party, and everyone is also looking forward to that.

Hopefully, she won’t cancel that one.

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