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Couple trends for ‘low budget’ Valentine’s Day picnic

Valentine’s day isn’t only for those with money, who can afford fancy gifts and nice places to go celebrate at. It’s for everyone that has found love.

Well, even the ones that are divorced, married, dating and single.

Celebrate this day with any of your loved ones. It might be a family member, a wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. Celebrate love and celebrate them.

A couple that just posted pictures of themselves dressed in red and white are being dragged and mocked for choosing to celebrate this day. The clothes the two love birds are wearing look old, their shoes too.

But above all else, they have an understanding of what this day resemble. They know what they are supposed to celebrate on this day. To love and be loved.

But instead of being supported, people are laughing at them and sharing their pictures for more people to humiliate and shame them.


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