Woman buy new man Range Rover after husband dumped her for cheap gift

indafrica February 14, 2022
Updated 2022/02/14 at 10:26 AM

young woman identified as Esinam has recently taken to social media to narrate the unfortunate way she lost her boyfriend.

The post sighted by Briefly News on Twitter had
@_barbarabonney sharing that about three years ago, her man ended things with her because she could only afford to get him a handkerchief.

Range rover, couple in love Photo credit: Gisela Schober, Prostock-Studio/Getty Images
“Just about 3 years ago, on Vals Day, my man left me because I gave him a handkerchief as a present. He said it was too cheap.”

Lady in love buys land for boyfriend as early valentine’s day gift
Esinam went ahead to share that, she has now met a patient man who appreciates all she does for him and her intention for this year’s valentine’s day is to gift her new boyfriend a range rover.

“I am with a patient man now; Andrew. I am giving him a Range Rover this Valentine.”

Early Valentine’s Day Gift: Lady in love buys land for Boyfriend for the Upcoming Celebration
Meanwhile, Briefly News earlier reported that a young lady took to social media to share a special early valentine’s day present she got her boyfriend.

The post sighted on her Twitter timeline had @sophyvibes sharing that this year’s valentine, she decide to buy a land at Tse Addo in the Greater Accra Region for her boyfriend to thank him for appreciating the little things she did for him.

I chatted him up on Twitter: Lady marries man 1 year after, narrates how she got her lover
@sophyvibes revealed that last year she gifted her man just a box of chocolate and a tie but his excitement was unexpectedly overwhelming hence this year, she made the decision to go all out for him.

Lol it’s funny how last year I got my man a box of chocolates and a tie. He was so grateful and I really loved that.

This year I got him an early Valentine’s Day gift; land at Tse Addo. I’d get the world for him if I could tbh

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