#Scandal: Nhlamulo and Lindiwe break up for Good

If there’s one thing villainous Mdala (James Sithole) loves more than money, it’s revenge. We’ve seen him resort to all kinds of outlandish tricks in recent weeks to ensure his friendturned-traitor Nhlamulo (Matthews Rantsoma) loses everything he holds dear.

His latest conquest? Seducing Nhlamulo’s naïve wife Lindiwe (Nomvelo Makhanya) and driving a wedge between the embattled couple.

Having bedded her in January and successfully drawn her into his criminal underworld, things are about to get seriously dangerous as Mdala makes his move.

Mdala crashed into newlywed Nhlamulo and Lindiwe’s lives in December and has managed to rip their seemingly stable marriage to shreds in a matter of weeks!

This has always been Mdala’s strategy – to divide and conquer. He wants to hit his friend where it hurts the most – Mdala is willing to cross the greatest rivers and dangerous lakes to see Nhlamulo broken..

But according to the James, that’s all about to change as Nhlamulo fights hard to regain control of his life and love. “These are two lovebirds – they’re meant for each other. Mdala tried to break that bond, but it will prove to be too strong,” reveals James.

Source: TV Plus (South Africa) Thu, Feb 10, 2022

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