Uzalo Actor Mbatha caught half naked with a woman

indafrica February 16, 2022
Updated 2022/02/16 at 6:47 AM

So yesterday, Nkunzi and Gabisile gave Sibonelo praises for his achievement with Bhebhe distillery. It would have been an excellent achievement for all if Sbu wasn’t involved. I mean at all!

Pastor Gwala is unimpressed with all that he is on his mission to get Sibonelo in prison. Nkunzi senses the tension between his sons and tries to break the ice by asking to take some pictures with the two of them, but the ice is too thick.

Njeza took another beating, and it was really bad as well. The person giving the order for this crime doesn’t want to stop. Nonka is heartbroken that Njeza won’t witness the fruits of his labour when the distillery finally opens. She has big plans for her family’s future.

Babekazi invited Gabisile out for a truce date, but it was just for her and Mbatha to break into the house. These two get into the house and strip to use the Muti given to them by the Traditional Healer. Gabisile loses patience waiting for Babekazi and drives back home.

What will she find? Let’s find out what happens tonight
Gabi walks in to find two half-naked criminals in her home, and these criminals argue right in front of her because they think she can’t see them.

Gabi stands there, not believing the scene playing right in front of her eyes. Babekazi and Mbatha used “Nyamalala Bembhekile”, and we will see if Gabi can only hear them or see them as well. If Gabisile has seen these two, then it is game over.

Nonka’s visit to prison turns into a sour event when she finds Njeza with new scars on his face. She thinks the matter should be reported, but Njeza will not hear of it.

He wants to know who is behind his attacks. Mondli discovers something that may change the whole Nomzamo case.

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