Generations: Winston will be found as the serial killer investigated by Mpho

indafrica February 17, 2022
Updated 2022/02/17 at 6:42 AM

Generations The Legacy Winston is The Serial Killer,Here Is Why
It is not a coincidence that Mpho is investigating a serial killer at the time that Winston has just joined Generations, The Legacy.

Mpho who recently joined the police force ‘miraculously’ bumped into a murder case that turns out to be that of an unknown serial killer.

His commune mates are worried about him because he’s got a habit of obsessing over murder cases.

Remember the time when his friend and commune mate Tamryn died, and he got obsessed with finding her killer who happened to be Dr Konono who was also working with his adopted father Kumkani Gaddafi Phakade.

That’s how he joined the force!
Detective Malinga saw how passionate he is about finding justice and what a hard worker he is and they roped him in.

Nobody knows anything about Winston…he’s a mysterious patient who has a crush on Dr Sphesihle Cele .

Generations The Legacy Winston is The Serial Killer,Here Is Why
We know they’re going to date at some point and that he’s going to remain a mystery for a while.

He won’t be sharing much about himself to Sphe and he’ll even meet her daughter ‘very irresponsible of her’.

Mazwi is not going to be comfortable with his daughter meeting a stranger ‘kudos to him’.

Winston is resilient and he’s going to push and push until she agrees to date him.

‘Is this the ambition she was looking for in Luyolo?’
‘Is that why she agreed to date him so quickly?’

Mpho always solves his cases and the writers were not about to make one of their permanent cast members a serial killer.

They needed a familiar face who would make us curious…
Winston was rushed into the hospital with a stab wound.

He avoided questions from the police when they wanted to find out how he got stabbed.

The case was given to Mpho because he’s still new and by the time Malinga and Sphe catch on who Winston is, it might be too late.

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