Imbewu’s KaMadonsela breaks internet with s£xy pics

indafrica February 17, 2022
Updated 2022/02/17 at 2:57 PM

Brenda Mhlongo is a renowned South African actress currently playing Madonsela on Imbewu.

She is 41 years old and wil be turning 41 in August this year. She was born on the 14th of August in the year 1980 in KwaMashu, KwaZulu-Natal.

We always see her on our screens everyday playing the role of KaMadonsela who is the wife of phakade. Phakade is a pastor.

KaMadonsela was arrested after Nkululeko and her mother Thokozile schemed up and faked that Thokozile was dead and was killed by KaMadonsela who went to jail for a crime she never committed.

While in prison, she then had ancestral spirit, she started seeing things and communicated with her ancestors.

Now she has accepted her calling and is now a traditional healer.

Brenda is married to Edmund Mhlongo and they have three children namely Zama, Snikiwe Mhlongo, and Nethezeko. Her husband loves her and also supports her with her career.

As an actress, her net worth is approximately around $400 000 which she made from her aching career. She has made a lot of money.

Brenda Mhlongo – Biography, Age, Husband, Career & Net Worth

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