Muvhango: Susan and KK become a couple

indafrica February 21, 2022
Updated 2022/02/21 at 2:36 PM

Muvhango: KK will rescue Susan, Romance Brewing!!!!

Muvhango fans might be angry with the writers for the way they ended Susan’s marriage to Azwindini but they’ll be happy to learn that her suffering wasn’t for nothing.

This is because Susan hasn’t realised that she actually met her soulmate KK Mulaudzi back in August. Fans of the soapie first got suspicious of their looming relationship in earlier episodes when KK gave her a pep talk.

Susan and Azwindini were having marital problems as usual and she wasn’t sure what to do or how to split from her husband. They raised eyebrows because KK seemed to be fond of Susan and the two seemed to have a lot in common.

KK has reformed since he left his corporate life and started preaching in Thate. He gave up his millions to his son, Kgosi and also gave a proxy of his shares to Tenda.

KK and Susan’s friendship sparked romance and gave fans of the show hope that the latter might get her happily ever after.KK advised her to leave her husband because she’s too good for him and deserves better than Azwindini, the serial cheater.

Fans also thought that KK Mulaudzi and Susan would make a great match as he has a better outlook on life since his son died and treats her like a queen.

Susan is also different from the women he’s been with such as Meme, Marang and Matshidiso because she’s kind and wise.

Susan is going to lose her job as a nurse at the hospital this month along with her marriage and respect from the community.

She will regain everything when she and KK start dating and become richer than Azwindini’s current CEO fiancée Gugu who works at the same company where KK has shares.

Susan has always been treated like seconds by Azwindini and the rest of his royal family but will get her happily ever after with KK.

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