Stepfather shoots 18-year-old son for going to the gym

indafrica February 21, 2022
Updated 2022/02/21 at 9:35 AM

A young man aged 18 years old was shot and killed by his stepfather in Lesotho Ha Leqele, it was revealed that the father shot the young man 3 times in an intent to kill him because the step father said that the kid was going to the gym too much & was starting to be more masculine than him.

Clearly the step father can be categorised as someone who is insecure about his situation because this young man was doing something positive with his life and trying to dedicate his time towards things that are constructive, but the father was in no state of mind which is positive and this is where things ended.

That’s the reason he was killed, simply because he went to the gym and gained some muscles. Many people presume that the step father disliked the young man and was harbouring ill intentions for him, probably because he did not father him.

The Step Father’s family applied for bail and people presume that they are endorsing his bad behaviour and this is a horrible thing that many people are truly against because this only displays true hatred for another human being, it is unclear what the biological father has made out of this.

The incident has shocked the community and they do not know what to make of this because it truly changes everything about the circumstances of this family, what will the mother make of this tragedy at the hands of someone she thought that she could trust in her life only to take her first child away from her.

This is something that is truly disturbing for the citizens of this country because they are in a situation where they are witnessing murders and horrible things on a daily basis because the law enforcers of this country are overwhelmed by the work, it is truly tragic that there are such things which are happening.

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