Jail time for actress Ntokozo Lungelo Mpangase arrested for human trafficking

indafrica February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 7:20 AM

Mzali Wami actress Lungelo Mpangase who plays the role of Ntokozo in the drama series, is set to be arrested for human trafficking. Does it mean she will exit the show? It remains to be seen.

Onset Ntokozo plays a hardworking and brilliant girl who is the founder of an organisation that helps girls reunite with their parents. With her experience of being switched on childbirth and later being involved in human trafficking, Ntokozo has a passion for helping girls facing such situations in their lives.

In the show, Ntokozo is a biological daughter of Terror, a notorious thug. Terror mistakenly got her daughter Ntokonzo into the human trafficking business. However, she escaped the hijacking, and she later founded an organisation to help girls reunite with their lost parents.

Lungelo Mpangase: Image source @Instagram

As she is working hard to help the girls reunite with their lost parents, Ntokozo is also used by her onset boyfriend, Lungelo. Lungelo is pretending to be on the same side as Ntokozo in helping the vulnerable young girls, yet he is trafficking the young girls using Ntokozo’s foundation name.

Mzali Wami spoiler alert
Ntokozo is set to be arrested after the last batch of girls she wanted to help reunite with their parents were hijacked.

Her business partner Lungelo and his human trafficking team hijacked the bus carrying the girls, and the news reached all over Johannesburg. The whole community blames Ntokozo for lying in the name of helping young girls, yet she wants to traffic them.

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The police will come after Ntokozo and arrest her for human trafficking as she is the main suspect of the scene. Ntokozo will also be charged with murder, whom Lungelo killed in trying to cover his dirty games.

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