Pretty and Lehasa rekindle their romance… date again

Pretty And Lehasa Rekindle Their Romance
Pretty And Lehasa Rekindle Their Romance
Lehasa will have doubts about his fiancé Khwezikazi in March and will suspect there’s more to her than meets the eye.

He proposed marriage to Khwezi because she supported him when he was in prison and she’s as evil as he is but has second thoughts about marrying her.

Lehasa doesn’t want an evil partner like him…
He was married to Zandile who was the opposite of him.
Zandile was sweet, kind and loving. She reminded Lehasa to be kinder and gentler.

Lehasa got that in Pretty.
Khwezi is going to convince him to kill Kgosi who is Lehasa’s state witness for the murder of Fanie.
Lehasa is going to realise that Khwezi planned their whole relationship from the time they met to their engagement.

Lehasa’s ex-girlfriend Nothile warned him about her when they met and warned him to stay away from her because she’s not who she pretends to be.

Lehasa and his uncle Phomolo will suspect there’s more to his fianc and will do some digging about her past.
Phomolo will threaten to throw Khwezi under the bus after he realises that she’s a murder.

We are also going to see Eunice trying to convince Pretty to test Lehasa’s intentions about her.
Lehasa was devastated when he found out that Pretty aborted his baby because he’s always wanted a baby since his wife died.

He’s going to receive a message from Pretty which will comfort him and put him at ease.

Lehasa won’t want to marry Khwezi because she’s a murderer and kidnapped Pretty when she found out about the abortion.

Khwezi reminds Lehasa of his sociopath ex-girlfriend Lelo Mthiyane who almost destroyed him.
His fiancée isn’t who she pretends to be and he’s going to try to get rid of her before they walk down the aisle.

Their relationship didn’t seem natural and is moving too fast because Khwezi planned it too the tee.

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