#BBMZANSI: Gash1 and Yoli caught on Camera doing it

Gash1 Has All The Reasons To Smile The Whole Of Today, He Had A Feel Of What Other Housemates Only Imagine.

Nominated housemates Yoli and Gash1 had a great time to kill off the eviction stress late in the night.

There was no better chance to give Yoli that Buddha finger than when she is having nomination pressure and had previously ran to Gash1 for some although he ignored her request.

This time, it all started by Gash1 jumping into Yoli’s bed after his late press ups. He teased her punan1, rubbing on her tweenies and this made her moan.

Gash then navigated all the walls; East, West and South just like any professional would do. Yoli seemed like she was on high drugs, moaning uncontrollably due to excessive enjoyment.

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